Research and development of cell therapy for regenerative medicine
Basic science seeds of Juntendo University as a foundation, we are working on the development of therapeutic agents to induce immune tolerance by antigen selective immunosuppressive effect. In order to contribute to the reduction of side effects and costs of taking the drug after organ transplantation, we aim to breakthrough therapies and treatment of realization for the first time in the world.

Induction of antigen specific immunological tolerance and its maintenance by induced T cells with suppressing function

Regulate donor antigen specific immunological rejections in transplant patients

  1. We start P1/2 clinical trial for liver transplant supported by the Japan Society for Transplant in 2020.・Living Donor Kidney Transplant(16 patients):No significant adverse events (AE)・Living Donor Liver Transplant(10 patients):70% OFF all immunosuppressant and no significant AE
  2. Our technology can apply antigen specific suppressive T cells to various antigen such as self antigen, food peptide.