JUNTEN BIO Co., Ltd. was established as Juntendo University’s venture company on the basis of Juntendo University’s research seeds.
Our aim is to develop a novel type of cell therapy in Japan and thus to contribute to the global healthcare industry.


With Juntendo University’s research seeds as the basis, we have studied the mechanism of immune rejection within the body, resulting in successful preparation of inducible inhibitory
Our aim is to achieve the induction of immune tolerance (and the discontinuation of immunosuppressant administration) with a new treatment using these inducible inhibitory
At the present time, clinical studies are being performed on cell therapy for specific inhibition of immunity associated with living-donor liver transplants, using inducible inhibitory T-cells.


Inducible inhibitory T-cells specifically suppress
rejection of transplanted organs by the patient’s body.

・Development of cellular medicines for cell therapy for
living-donor liver transplants, late living-donor liver transplants
(i.e. a considerable time after transplantation),
and brain-dead liver transplants.

・Development of cell therapy and antibody drugs for living-donor kidney transplants.


November 1, 2023

Notice Regarding the Issue of Unsecured Straight Bonds

JUNTEN BIO Co., Ltd. announced on October 31, 2023 that it has issued corporate bond and share acquisition right to Mizuho venture debt fund. This topic is the first case with Mizuho venture debt fund.

July 6, 2022

The article introducing our company was published in the Nikkei (morning newspaper, July 6, 2022).