To Open the secrets of the human immune system

In June 2018, JUNTEN BIO Co., Ltd. was established as Juntendo University’s venture company with the aim of making practical use of Juntendo University’s research seeds. In recent years, revolutionary technologies such as gene therapy and regenerative medicine have led to development of numerous novel regenerative medicine products. However, these medicines tend to be expensive, and the burden on patients due to medical bills being higher than they were is becoming a societal problem. In this situation, if we can develop effective regenerative medicine products for refractory diseases which are currently difficult to cure, the patients’ quality of life will be improved and the overall costs of treatment may be reduced, so we consider this to be a worthwhile challenge for development. At JUNTEN BIO, among various revolutionary technologies, we are using inducible inhibitory T-cells (JB-101), studied collaboratively with Juntendo University, to tackle the treatment of organ transplants showing hyperimmune rejection, by inducing immune tolerance. With a single immune tolerance induction treatment, it is possible to reduce the dose of or discontinue administration of immunosuppressants, enabling the immunosuppressant dose after organ transplantation to be reduced, minimizing the risk of disease induced by immunosuppressants, and thus further reducing medical costs, potentially resulting in marked improvement of the patients’ quality of life. The findings obtained from immune tolerance induction therapy have the potential as a new door to step into human immune function, aiming to expand from organ transplantation to research on intractable diseases due to hyperimmune reactions..

February 2021

河南 雅成

Masanari Kawaminami,

Corporate philosophy

JUNTEN BIO, focusing on the human immune system and taking “From life to drug creation” as its motto,
carries out R&D on cellular medicines using regenerative medicine technologies for diseases that cannot be
treated with currently available drugs.
We aim to be a society where people can improve their quality of life and live a healthy life.


regenerative medicine

On the basis of Juntendo University’s research seeds, we are tackling
the development of cellular medicines that induce immune tolerance,
by means of antigen-selective immunosuppressive effect.
In order to eliminate side effects due to immunosuppressant
administration after organ transplantation, and to contribute
reducing medical costs, we aim to
develop the world’s first
revolutionary cellular medicine, and thus to achieve practical treatment
in this area.

Regenerative medicine products

Cell therapy that achieves specific immunosuppression in relation to
living-donor liver transplant, using inducible inhibitory T-cells.
*Our aim is to expand the indications in the future, such for kidney transplants
and late-phase patients (i.e. transplantation already completed).

Company profile

Company profile
Masanari Kawaminami
June 2018
¥100 million
Details of business
R&D on cellular medicines,
regenerative medicine products, etc.
R&D on medicines and diagnostic agents
Company executives
Director: Ko Okumura
Director: Shuntaro Kodama
Executive Director: Junichi Miura
Director: Kensuke Matsuo
Director: Masao Nishizaki
Statutory Auditor: Hideki Egawa
Statutory Auditor: Jun-ichi Motai
Statutory Auditor: Masaki Kozuka

Otemachi Nomura Building 20F,
2-1-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0004

  • June 2018


  • July 2020

    Inducible inhibitory T-cells (JB-101) jointly developed with Juntendo University were designated as a product to be included in the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s system of expedited reviews aiming to make Japan the world’s leader in the application of innovative medicine.

  • September 2020

    An investigator-initiated clinical study on JB-101 for living-donor liver transplants was started with collaborative researchers at Juntendo University.


For the purpose of sound corporate management in accordance with both in-house rules and public regulations,
JUNTEN BIO has established a Compliance Committee and a section responsible for internal control.
All company employees are to be informed and educated to make them fully aware of the rules and structures that must be
complied with or used. In addition, an appropriate supervisory system is established for all administrative processes so that the
tasks are performed appropriately and efficiently with the aim of meeting JUNTEN BIO’s management targets.